Bet365 Refuses £54,000 to Winner, After Increasing Limits

Nowadays, there are certain names that are synonymous with the betting/trading world and 365 is one of them. However, they are now in a little hot water after a female customer is yet to receive her £54,000 winnings despite months of requests.

Furthermore, the site has told her that she is now restricted to stakes of just £1. However, she has been allowed unlimited access to gaming which is a guaranteed profit for the site. Typical…

What Happened?

After opening an account in April, the customer put £30,000 into her account. After placing some bets, £23,000 was lost and Bet365 contacted her to say that the size of her maximum stake had been increased. The next day, she used the £7,000 left over, winning £47,000 in the process. Balance now standing at £54,000.

As a result of a ‘trading decision’, her account was instantly limited.

A little annoyed that her bets were now being refused, she decided to withdraw her balance only to find that the company were reluctant to do so.

Thanks to the security measures in place, her account had been verified so this isn’t an issue. Despite this, she has not yet been paid. With similar stories in recent years there’s growing evidence to suggest this is becoming a trend. According to reports, around 20,000 accounts were closed in the first half of 2016. The reason being; they simply weren’t profitable for the companies involved.

Money Laundering or Delaying Payment?

In order to counter money laundering, this delayed withdrawal process is frustrating many.

Users have been left ‘hung out to dry’ for weeks and even months on end despite having a verified account. Since winning the amount, the woman in question has been in contact with the giant. Providing bank statements to prove that she deposited the initial amount. Now, even her bank has gotten involved and told her that there should be no worries regarding money laundering and that the site encouraged her to deposit more.

After still not receiving her winnings, she feels as though the only option may now be legal action. We can’t blame her for this…

According to experts in this field, this kind of behaviour is on the increase. Unfortunately, many cases like this are seen every month. The sites simply keeping the money whilst hoping that the customer gives up hope.

Over time, there has been cases where the companies have asked for selfies with bank statements and even statements to be signed by bank managers and notarised. With this in mind, many believe that it is time for higher authorities to step in and make changes.

Change Ahead?

When customers trade, they need to feel as though they have a level playing field, this currently isn’t the case. From now until a resolution is found, people will be cautious with bookmakers, particularly when it comes to large sums of cash.

There isn’t any sign of changes just yet although tension online is clearly brewing!

Have you been a victim of this kind of behaviour? If so we’d like to hear about it!

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