Football Stats: Top Five Places To Help Your Betting!

There’s so many betting previews and stats out there for football these days. You really need to know what are the important ones!

To save you time we’ve put together our top five places to go for good football stats.

Opta Sports – For Highly Detailed Play Performance Data

If you really want to go into detailed analysis for each player then OptaSports is the place for you. Whether you want passes completed, goals scored, chance created or even goals scored on a particular day of the week then Opta has you covered. You can apply certain data to give you a strong edge in some betting markets too, for example red cards or corners.

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FourFourTwo Statszone – For Informative Match Stats

If you want to get some relevant stats for each upcoming match then FourFourTwo is a great site to visit. They have nice little stats in an easy to read bullet point format in their match previews. You’ll get things like “Manchester United have only won once in their last ten” for example. Things like that may sound simple however they are a great time saving resource when you want to see who is in form and not.

WhoScored – For Quick Detailed League Stats

If you don’t want to spend too much time trawling through pages and pages of stats, then WhoScored is for you. They offer possession, pass success, shots per game and discipline in an easy to see list format. They’ll offer quickly offer the teams who are on the longest winning steak from all over the world. You can really find out quickly which sides are in great form on this site.


Squawka – For Live Scores, Stats and Latest News

If you like to get the latest breaking news and see the latest scores while also getting your stats, the Squawka site is the place to do that. They have a tonne of helpful information on their site that will help your betting and trading. To go along with your stats research, it’s nice to be able to read the latest news and also see the latest scores as they come in. A lot of other sites don’t offer all this information in the same place.

Football Form Labs – For Highly Informed Betting

If you solely want to approach football from a betting point of view, then look no further than FootballFormLabs. Here you can do everything that you could wish for in regards to betting on football. You can create betting models, use their betting software tools and see the statistical impact on the team when players are missing. None of the above sites will go into as much detail when it comes to betting or indeed factoring in when a player is out injured. This information can certainly give you a huge edge with your football betting.

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Using all these five resources above will surely make your football betting better, good luck!

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