14 Free Horse Racing Resources Online You Can’t Afford To Miss

When it comes to free horse racing resources online there are literally hundreds. The problem being, most of them are rubbish!

The worst thing you can do is waste a load of time using poor horse racing resources, right?

In this post we’ve put together the best 14 horse racing resources we know of to save you the time. Better still, all of them have at least one freebie each day!

In no particular order, here they are:

ProForm For Pre-Race Analysis

The best all-round place for pre-race analysis is ProForm. Although the best features aren’t, they do provide a free daily ProForm race-card. You’ll find data organised in an efficient manner making it quite possible to recall recent form without having to trawl through endless race-cards. See the example below;


Some of the best features include recent trainer form, pace angles, positive/negative exchange trading history, sire stats. You can also save notes within ProForm for future reference. Unsurprisingly it’s endorsed by the likes of Chris Dixon and Richard Hoiles from Racing UK.

Adrian Massey For Statistics

Years ago Adrian Massey’s site popped up with some interesting statistics. For the serious punter there is still a wealth of knowledge available. It’s not updated like it used to be although we think it’s fair to say it remains one of the best free horse racing resources online.

Much can be learnt from the site, and many have reported a good profit from the information available. With data based on over 200,000 UK and Irish horse races there’s plenty to build an opinion on.

GG For Free Racing Alerts

Time is always short in the modern world. Fortunately GG Alerts make life a bit easier, all you need to do is register and start marking those runners you’re interested in. You can make notes as to why you’re marking the selection too.

The evening before your marked horse runs again you’ll get a notification email to remind you, along with the notes. A great horse racing resource to any punter or exchange trader.

gg horse racing resource online

GG has to be our top time-saving horse racing resource…

PatternForm For In-Running Data

PatternForm Cards have been around for some time, you may have already heard of them.

If we explained everything about pattern form we’d be here all day, so here are the main points:

  • PatternForm Cards – These are their main feature. There are a huge amount of variables to change with the cards so you can see the historic data in many ways.
  • Pace Cards – The name gives it away, a comprehensive list of historic pace in a race.
  • Dobbing Overview Cards – Dobbing is a technique that stands for ‘double or bust – DOB’ it means you back a horse and lay it off at half the price. The cards will help you see which horses are likely to trade at half their price in-running.

Like their tag line suggests, it really is one of the ‘best kept secrets on the web’.

TimeForm For Ratings

TimeForm is hardly a new racing resource. It’s been around for ever!

However, the ratings system on the time-form cards is of great use. They also list all the in-running low prices, starting prices and exchange starting prices (BSP).

time form racing resource

At The Races For Race Replays

When you need to see the replay of a race there are several options. At The Races seems to be the most reliable though.

The way they have their site configured means it’s another time-saving exercise to pull up the race, horse and video you want without any problems.

It’s no secret that ATR is the cheap channel although you’re hardly looking for a commentators analysis when it comes to replays. This is the one to use…

MyRacing For Results

Results are quick over at MyRacing.

There’s little faffing about, and if you have a problem there’s always someone on hand to clear it up on twitter here. We think that’s pretty good considering they’re a free horse racing resource.

my racing horse racing resource

There are other horse racing resources that do this although we tend to find their results are the fastest! Nobody likes waiting about, do they?

Easy Odds For Odds Comparison

We looked at Odds Checker for this resource, although you may have seen this post about them (we’re not so keen).

For that reason Easy Odds get the shout-out. They’re a good alternative, odds update quickly and have a user-freindly interface. Also you won’t find so many spammy pop-ups and links when you use them.

easy odds racing resource 10

It really is easy odds…

MMOB For Making Money

It’d be rude not to mention this one, wouldn’t it?

At the time MMOB started there wasn’t another website like it on the web!

Everything you need make money, without excessive risk, where the founders actually care about YOU the user.

That’s what makes us so different…

Irish Racing For Irish Specific News

We know some like to specialise in the Irish racing angle.

It that’s you, see this free horse racing resource online. Irish racing is a specialist topic in itself, markets are prone to more ‘exotic’ movements shall we say?

Some of the trainers in Ireland are renowned for monstrous gambles. Spotting a big gamble in the market can often be the defining factor between winning and losing, especially if some ‘funny business’ is going on. They’re also very good for declarations and entries in Ireland.

The Irish racing site linked above is pretty good for giving you the specialist low-down…

British Horse Racing Authority For Scheduling

To get the official racing schedule there’s only one place really.

The British Horse Racing Authority is the place to check advanced schedules, events and entries.

They also have an in-depth resource centre explaining rules, guide, ratings, licencing and much more. If you want to expand your industry knowledge it’s probably the most formal place to do so.

Caan Berry For Exchange Trading

There’s plenty that claim to be an exchange Pro Trader these days, but many have nothing to back it up with.

We’d advise sticking to these 3 endorsed by Betfair themselves. Of the 3 we prefer the free articles and resources Caan provides over on his blog.

caan horse racing resource online

Also it’s worth checking out Caan’s YouTube channel for plenty of free tips and tricks…

Hugh Taylor For Daily Tips

It wouldn’t be right to publish all these free horse racing resources online without a tipster, would it?

Hugh Taylor is a Top Tipster featured each week by ATR. While his selections are drastically slashed in price by the bookmakers, he’s the best free tipster out there.

You can see his strike record over previous years on the link above.

Sporting Life For Trainer Interviews

And last, although by no means least – The Sporting Life.

There’s a whole host of information available on the sporting life although they provide some of the most comprehensive, detailed interviews around.

Sometimes a trainers review of his own horse can be quite telling. It’s the closest the general public will get to having ‘inside information’. Be sure to flick through the recent trainers interviews for the odd tip-bit that’ll help you make that final call.

That concludes our list of free horse racing resources online!

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